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Second Hand Motorcycles Articles

Before Google

You can usually tell the estimated value of a collectable by its position in a shop. Over the past 10 years Observer's books (and a few other series in a similar vein) have moved from the second-hand bookseller's bargain bin to the top shelf behind the shop assistant. They're more

Bigger Bikes Mooted For Learners

LEARNER riders could soon be able to ride motorcycles of up to 660 cc in capacity under plans for sweeping reforms to two-wheeled licensing laws in Victoria. The proposed changes would allow learner permit holders and P-platers to select a bike from a list of approved motorcycles that fall more

Bargains Among The Damage

SOME of the best second-hand car bargains, says David Grey of Fowles Auction Group, are in the damaged category. Every Wednesday at 10am, more than 500 damaged vehicles are offered to bidders at Fowles modern motor auction centre in Gordon Luck Avenue, Altona. Should you buy a damaged vehicle? more

Good Value In Used Evolution Harleys

FOR the past few years, Harley-Davidson has dominated sales of motorcycles in the over-700 cm3 category. According to conventional wisdom this dramatic rise in sales was temporary and could not last. When the bubble burst, it was said, not only would sales drop but second-hand prices would plum

Checking Out The Second-hand 250s

LEARNERS have for some years had to start their motorcycling careers with motorcycles no larger than 260 cm3 - effectively a 250. As a consequence, the price of 250s rose in line with the laws of demand and supply. New 250s are not a bargain and, given that more